Cinematic Wedding Day Videography By David Mathew Bonner

Unveiling Your Love Story Frame by Frame

Who I Was: I was once an internationally acclaimed, award-winning wedding videographer celebrated by both my peers and clients for my fun and creative wedding videos. My work gained global recognition, setting me apart with a unique signature in wedding videography known as the ‘dMb style’.

Why I Left: As my family grew, my priorities shifted. I made a deliberate choice to step away from weddings for nearly 15 years, focusing my energy on marketing and corporate video production. This change allowed me to free up my evenings, weekends, and summers, enabling me to spend more quality time with my own family.

Why I’m Back: After nearly 25 years of marriage and working in video production, I’ve gained a deeper appreciation for life’s treasures. Your wedding day is sacred, marking the foundation of a legacy. I’m not merely crafting a film; I’m creating a testament to your blessings and love. I aim to shape a cinematic masterpiece—a love story that you’ll proudly share through generations, reigniting the flame and reminding you of the abundant blessings of your wedding day as the years go by.

My Style of Wedding Videography: At dMb Wedding Films, I focus on creating cinematic stories that showcase your love. I capture real emotions, genuine moments, and the essence of your special day. Each shot is thoughtfully composed to create lasting memories for you, your family, and for future generations to enjoy.

Packages Offered:

  1. Classic Memories Package 🎥 Starting at $1,950
    • Highlight film encapsulating key moments and emotions
    • Up to 6 hours of coverage

  1. Elegant Love Story Package 💞 Starting at $3,500
    • Extended coverage capturing heartfelt sentiments throughout the day
    • A social media reel encapsulating the day’s essence.
    • Drone footage for stunning aerial perspectives (where permitted)
    • Cinematic feature film capturing the day’s narrative and events in greater detail.

  1. Timeless Romance Package 🌟 Starting at $6,500
    • Comprehensive full-day coverage ensures cherished moments are preserved
    • Personalized interviews to add depth and emotion to your story
    • A social media reel encapsulating the day’s essence.
    • Additional cinematographers for an immersive experience
    • Drone footage for captivating aerial views (where permitted)
    • Cinematic feature film capturing the day’s narrative and events in greater detail.

Each package is tailored to capture the essence of your wedding day. Contact us to discuss your preferences and let us help create an unforgettable cinematic experience for your special day.

Note: Prices may vary based on location, duration, and specific client requests.

We just wanted to pass along our sincerest thanks for our wedding video production. When considering a videographer, you came highly recommended and the finished product is proof of your talent, creativity, and professionalism. We are so glad we chose you! What “they” say is true – the wedding day goes by so quickly and it is hard to remember what we ate much less all of the events of the day. Watching our completed video brought back so many memories, allowed us a glimpse of things we otherwise might not have seen, and captured our special day beyond our expectations. Your music selection was perfect! You took the suggestions we gave you and incorporated them, but also chose music that captured the spirit of each particular moment. The prelude to the video, in which you provided a summary of the day through a montage of video clips set to music, was especially beautiful and we have shown it to anyone willing to watch! Thank you for providing us with a video that we will always treasure. You produced our wedding video with such care and sensitivity, making it into something personal and special to us. We would be more than happy to provide a referral on your behalf to any future couple considering a wedding video.
Casey and Treena O’Shea
Sherwood Park, Alberta
After all is said and done and the wedding is over, I cannot emphasize how much of a treasure it is to have our day captured so professionally for our loved ones and future children to see. The day went by so fast, but at least we have our video to watch and remember all of our guests. Even a year later, there are already loved ones who have passed on. We watch our wedding video and are thankful to have them captured so vibrant and alive. I would recommend David Mathew Bonner Video Productions to anyone. Dave is a sociable videographer that brings a very personal touch to his productions. It was like having a friend there to record our day.
Shauna & Brian Kitt, Mundare, Alberta.
Mundare, Alberta.
David Matthew Bonner, I’ve been keeping your email message so I could write to you when I had a chance. I just want you to know that I totally love the video you produced for Tanya and me. As you may remember, I was skeptical at first. I wasn’t too keen on the idea of being on camera all day. But Tanya talked me into it. …and then to get the day started, you asked me the deep philosophical question: “What does marriage mean to me”…I can’t imagine why I was so nervous that morning… You did an awesome job of synchronizing the words and the music to the video, to capture both the fun and the special tender moments of the day; and it gives us something very unique to remember the events of the day that simply cannot be captured otherwise. Tanya and I are still waiting for the US Immigration paperwork so that we can actually live together…so when I get lonely and missin’ her I can just pop in the DVD to see her face and hear her voice, along with the music, and remember all the neat and wonderful things about our relationship and our love for each other. Thank you for spending our special day with us, and for using your amazing talent to produce this unique treasure. I wish you all the very best with your family and your business. I would recommend David Mathew Bonner Video Productions to anyone. Dave is a sociable videographer that brings a very personal touch to his productions. It was like having a friend there to record our day."
Niel R Nielson
Salt Lake City, USA
We wanted to express our sincere appreciation and thanks for the excellent wedding video. We were truly amazed at the quality, creativity, and obvious hours of effort that went into this production. I have to confess that in the beginning we were unsure as to whether we wanted a wedding video at all. We decided to get one mostly because we could show it to friends and family overseas who were unable to attend our wedding. Steve and I are both thrifty, and getting a video was expensive to us. At the time I had a hard time justifying paying for it - after all we were having pictures done right? I also must say that after watching the video for the first time, my initial preconceptions were entirely overcome. The video invoked a very emotional reaction - perhaps described as a warm and fuzzy feeling. It made us laugh, cry, and smile. I have since watched it multiple times. all of our friends and family loved it. Our video is amazing, and it is certainly something that we will always treasure. Having a professional video is so much better than having a friend do it! Every time we watch the video, we see something new. It gives us a very clear reminder of everything that happened. We received our photos back before the video. I enjoyed them, but once I saw the video, I realized the downfall of the pictures - they don't tell the story of the whole day. The video gives us so many more memories than our photos do. Of all the vendors I worked with over the course of planning this wedding (and there were lots ) no one paid as much attention to detail as you did. The customer service was excellent. When we asked for things at the last minute, you always accommodated our requests. It is obvious that you enjoy what you do, enjoy making your customers happy, and are the type of person that makes sure your work is perfect. In the end, we were not only ecstatic we had a professional video done, we felt positive that we had the best videographer possible to make it all happen! Thanks again Dave. I would be happy to provide a referral at any time, or answer questions from others who are wondering about getting a video done.

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