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Celebrating Excellence: My Recent Project with Mitsubishi of Canada

Celebrating Excellence: My Recent Project with Mitsubishi of Canada

As a videographer, I’m always thrilled to take on new projects that allow me to tell compelling stories and showcase exceptional individuals. Recently, I had the privilege of working with Mitsubishi of Canada to create a video celebrating their top salespeople of 2023

The Project:

Mitsubishi of Canada approached me to create a short video that would be presented at their annual conference during the award ceremony. The goal was to highlight the achievements of their top salespeople, Arron Glena of Kross Mitsubishi of Edmonton, and showcase his dedication, hard work, and commitment to excellence.


The Process:

Mitsubishi of Canada approached me with a clear objective: to create a short video that would celebrate their top salespeople of 2023. They provided basic guidelines, and then gave me the creative freedom to bring the project to life. With only a couple of hours to film at Kross Mitsubishi of Edmonton, I was tasked with capturing interviews and footage that would tell the story of these exceptional individuals. Working independently, I navigated the busy dealership, using my expertise to capture the essence of the sales team while respecting the privacy of others and adapting to the dynamic environment. The result was exceeded their expectations.

What I Learned:

Working on this project reinforced the importance of trust and creative freedom in bringing a vision to life. By giving me the autonomy to craft the narrative and capture the footage, Mitsubishi of Canada allowed me to tap into my expertise and exceed their expectations. This experience reminded me that, as a videographer, it’s essential to be adaptable and flexible when working in dynamic environments, such as a busy car dealership. By embracing the unknown and being respectful of the people and space around me, I was able to capture authentic moments that made the final video truly special.


If you’re looking to create a video that celebrates your team’s achievements or tells your brand’s story, here are a few takeaways from this project:

  • Collaborate closely with your videographer to ensure the final product meets your vision and expectations.
  • Don’t be afraid to showcase your brand’s personality and values through your video content.


Get in Touch:

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Thanks for reading, and I look forward to collaborating with you on your next video project!